ECG in Motion – a view of the beating heart!

Amazing knowledge transfer with detail-rich animations: a view of the beating heart synchronised with all 29 practice-relevant ECGs!

Unique animated representation of the interplay of ECG image and visualisation of cardiac conduction, atrial, chamber, valve and ventricular function in 29 ECGs relevant for practice!

ECGs can be selected by title (finding) or ECG image as required.

Top tool for doctors, medical students, paramedics, lecturers, vocational trainers and healthcare professionals.

Integrated ECG training tool with reports and presentation of learning progress.

Additional animation illustrating cardiac arrest development.

Information and explanations for all animated ECGs.

User interface and all text items can be viewed in 5 languages.

Any position along the ECG curve can be selected using a slider on all ECGs.

Offered in 5 languages with professional translations, the app’s captivating and user-friendly educational and training platform based on sound medical practice is available in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.